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How does Spirit mingle itself with grass?

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Week 24 of 2012.

If you were reading In the Same Breathand following the mystical thread of unity between Spirit and Creation, your quote to ponder this week would come from Symeon, an abbott in Constantinople who lived from 949 to 1042. He was a Eastern Christian mystic who had been a

– Jane Gaunt, One Spirit: A Creation Story for the 21st Century

counselor to three Emperors before becoming a monk.

O Light that none can name, for it is altogether nameless.

O Light with many names, for it is at work in all things…

How do you mingle yourself with grass?

How, while continuing unchanged, altogether inaccessible,

Do you preserve the nature of the grass unconsumed?

Through the lens we use, Symeon was asking a major question: How do Creator and Creation, spirit and physical beings, the ethereal and the stuff of matter, become One?

It’s the same mystery we follow through In the Same Breath across spiritualities. At that time in history, it was also being asked by Sufi mystics and Jewish scholars.

It is still being asked today. What is your answer?


Author: jeanlatzgriffin

Jean Latz Griffin is the owner of CyberINK, a small business that produces quirky skeleton-themed products. She has finished the first draft of a historical fantasy and received comments from her agent. She has turned to Orson Scott Card for tips on the second draft. She is author of "In the Same Breath," and "One Spirit: A Creation Story for the 21st Century." She has a certificate in creative writing from the University of Chicago's Writers Studio. Griffin is a member of the growing community of former Chicago Tribune reporters, enjoys Weekend Writing Warriors and the Story Studio in Chicago. Her Sheltie, Thunder, likes to "type" on her computer keys, and Dr Wu, a Weimaraner, likes to lick her ear when she is trying to think. Her husband passed in June of 2011. Her three fabulous grown sons live nearby. She plays violin in an amateur string orchestra.

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